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Bimetallic Tubes

Pantani Divisione Tubi has a long experience in production of bimetallic tubes for heat exchangers working in high critical corrosion process, generally applied in Chemical plants, Petrochemical plants and Desalination plants. Outer and Inner tube are in two different materials according to customer design and application needs. They are perfectly tied up to assure a correct heat transfer efficiency.


Sometimes it is necessary that bimetallic tube extremities are entirely made up of the inner tube material to permit a correct tube-to-tubesheet welding. In those case ferrules are required. Pantani Divisione Tubi has the possibility to provide bimetallic tubes with ferrules already assembled in.

Carbon steel Copper alloys
Carbon steel Stainless steel
Stainless steel Copper alloys
Stainless steel Carbon steel
Stainless steel Titanium

Bimetallic dimension capability

Tube OD Outer tube thickness Inner tube thickness Tube length
Min. 15,88mm / Max. 38,10mm No limits 3mm per leghe di rame / 1,50mm per gli altri materiali Max. 12000mm

Test available after Bimetallic Assembling

– Complete dimensional check.
– Bonding guarantee test
– Air under water test
– Hydrostatic test
– Eddy Current test