Pantani Divisione Tubi started its own activity in 1997 as a complementary business to the Pantani Giovanni e Riccardo partnership, making use of the technical support of specialists that have worked in the finning sector since 1984.

Since then the company has developed steadily in technical capacity and productivity, in the ability of the personal, the quality of the products and the services that are spread around the other companies in this sector.

Since 2004 the Pantani Divisione Tubi has become self sufficient.

The company is continually being recognised in the Italian and European market for the quality and competitiveness of its products and services.

This assures not only the continuation of the business but the growth in it’s share of the market.

At the moment Pantani Divisione Tubi can look to the future with optimism as it is managed by a young dynamic personal, always open to new developments.


PANTANI DIVISIONE TUBI is a company specialized in particular manufacturing on metallic tubes for heat exchangers mostly applied to Oil & Gas industry, Power Generation plants and Renewable Energy plants.

Through constant investments on own Technologies, Human resources and Production capabilities, the company has the target to consolidate its position among the international leaders of its market.

A special attention will be always put on the quality of products & services in order to comply with worldwide customers standard demands.