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Corrugated Tubes

Pantani Divisione Tubi is specialized in corrugation of metallic tubes mostly applied in heat exchangers for food industry, naval & marine service, chemical plants and refrigeration. Corrugation grooves in the external and internal tube surface create a turbolence allowing a very efficient thermal exchange in comparison with traditional smooth tubes.

  • Copper alloys
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium

Corrugation dimension capability

Tube OD Tube thickness Corrugation pitch Corrugation depth Tube length
Min. 10mm / Max. 105mm Min. 0,5mm / Max. 1,5mm No limitation Max. 1,50mm Max. 10000mm

Dimensional controls on corrugated tubes


OD = Tube external diameter
Thk = Tube wall thickness
P = Corrugation pitch

Dpt = Corrugation depth
L1 = Overall length

L2 = Corrugation length
L3 = Smooth ends length

Test available after corrugation

Controllo dimensionale
Prova pneumatica ad immersione
Prova idraulica