This is the result of the collaboration of the union between Pantani Divisione Tubi and Valtecno Alettatura to realize a new production unit in the immediate proximity of the tube mills and with a central location in the European Market able to increase the efficiency ,services and the competitiveness of our business.

Geographical Area

The new branch will be realized in Dubnica nad Vahon , in Trencin region (SLOVAKIA) . The district is about km 140,00 from Bratislava and in the main road between Austria, Czech Republic and Poland.
The surface of the building is about 3500m2 plus external area of about 3670 mq.

Main characteristics of the structure

For knowledge we list the principal characteristics of the building:
a) building area of ​​about 3500sqm covered (plus 3700sqm outside);
b) Possibility of entry/exit of vehicles “exceptional” in length up to 30 meters;
c) Internal Dimensions: – interior arches with a width of at least 25 meters – total length of approximately 140 meters.
d) Cranes equipped: n. 1 crane of 12,5 tons + n. 1 of 32 tons capacity.

Products and services

Main processes and services of the new branch :
a) U Bend Tubes : with standard dimension of Ø 15,88/25,40mm. , thikness 0,89/5,16mm (according to norma TEMA )
MAXIMUM LENGH of tubes : about 30 meters (straight length max 13.500 meters)
MAXIMUM CAPACITY : about 10.000 tubes/month
b) Low fin tubes : only with Carbon steel material in the first time and only with Ø 15,88 and 19,05 (thikness : 2,11/2,77mm approximately); Pitch : 19 and 26 fins/inch;
MAXIMUM CAPACITY : 60.000,00 meters/month.
MAXIMUM LENGH of tubes : about 20/22 meters
c) Other services : Heat treatment (by electric resistance – Joule effect) , hydrostatic test, pneumatic test, dye penetrant test , dimensional control of U-tubes and finned tubes.
(for different materials and dimension please contact our technical office)

The new production unit will be able to start the processing, starting from the beginning of November 2015!

Sure of Your interest we are looking forward to receive Your feedback and contact soon and we remain at Your disposal for any further information and clarifications.



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